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Our Story

It all started with the seemly endless search for the perfect beds for a dog named Butters, and a cat named Kong Kong.

Butters is 13 years old. And like other senior dogs, he is experiencing joint problems which makes walking very challenging. Hence, he spends most of his days lying down. We invested in many different dog beds to fulfill his needs. Yet we still find him searching for even more comfortable nap spots every now and then. Kong Kong, on the other hand, rotates among a variety of surfaces for napping, from a stiff cardboard box to a fluffy cushion bed. At the end of the day, his favorite nap spot is on our laps.

Like all pets, Kong Kong and Butters are always there for us through the ups and downs of life. They see us as their entire world and deserve 100% love. We consider them as part of our family and care for them with our whole hearts.

At Pebble Pet™, we are aware of how much our pets mean to us. Therefore, we strive to provide modern high-quality pet products to help improve the quality of our pets' life. Our social channels are dedicated to bringing love, care, and happiness to the pet lovers' community. Join us in spreading our love for pets!